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It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is what are we busy about? The answer should assertively be "Managing Customers Effectively” the answer to that came in the form of CRM We at Saptha understands your need to customize our service to your specific needs. Hence our prospective presentation is Annex CRM.

Sales Automation:
» With Annex CRM you can manage customer accounts throughout the sales cycle.
» Capture and import leads, distribute them and create automated Follow-up reminders for qualification.
» Track detailed opportunity information and create customized Sales stages, based on project or product lines.
» Use the powerful Opportunity Management Sales Funnel to forecast future revenue, and target the most profitable accounts.
» Annex CRM includes an integrated quoting system and Fully-featured inventory and part management.

Accounts & Contacts Management:
» Record detailed information for customers and vendors, both at the company-level (Accounts) and for individuals (Contacts).
» Empower representatives to provide a high level of customer service with a complete record of customer communications, including phone calls, e-mails, meetings and presentations.
» Easily review upcoming activities, sales opportunities, attached documents and integrated information from other databases, all from a comprehensive Main Contact Screen.
» Annex CRM includes fully-integrated scheduling and task management To track both internal and customer activities, including multiple Participants and resources, with pop-up reminders and customizable To-do list and Calendars.

Annex CRM comes with comprehensive marketing campaign tools, You can build lasting and profitable customer relationships by executing Effective and timely campaigns over both traditional and electronic channels and print, e-mail or export them, or merge in Dashboards.

Annex CRM allows the customized graphical view that includes activity, sales, Task, customer service at all levels and can quickly view “snapshots” of critical data in a single comprehensive screen and can be formatted into Microsoft Word or Excel.

Web Leads:
With Annex CRM Web leads, when clients request information about products and services via calls or emails, contact records and any necessary activities can be created for fast and efficient follow-up.

Dynamic Interactive Workflows:
Managers can easily design graphical workflows to help ensure that processes are carried out consistently and efficiently. Users can then access these dynamic workflows to guide them through both customer’s inquiries and internal procedure.

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